Channel Delivery Report

The Twixor EnCap's Channel Delivery Report is a solution to check your EnCaps delivered across multiple channels.

Click Reports tab and select the EnCaps launch name for which you want to view the report based on the delivery of EnCaps through multiple channels and click Channel delivery tab.

This dashboard gives a record of the following EnCap delivery logs:

Created On/Closing On

Date on which the EnCap launches were created/closed

Total Message

Total number of EnCaps sent through the selected channel


Total number of EnCaps visited by the users


Cumulative number of EnCaps delivered to the users

Failed Message

Total number of EnCaps failed to reach your customers

If you want to track the number of unique views of your EnCap, you can look out the Unique Views bar chart.

A unique view is the number of unique users who click your EnCap link. Here you can view the total unique views of launched EnCaps for the past 1 month, 15 days, 7 days, or 1 day.


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