Chat Interface

With Twixor EnCaps's Progressive live chat, you can talk with your consumers from any place. Start chatting with your clients by using the chat interface and change them into your promoter.

It won't let you worry about any jumble and allows you to concentrate only on customers and conversations. Twixor's chat functionality aids you to solve cases better.

The interface is designed in such a way that it allows you to chat with several customers even if you are busy with other activities. Your work can be made easier using Artificial Intelligence-powered with actionable click buttons for conversational messaging.

Below shown is the chat interface of Twixor EnCaps.

Use the Chat interface through these steps:

1. Navigate to Chats>Chats.

2. Tap Offline if you don't want to receive chats or Online to accept chats.

3. The customer's conversations will be available in the left pane of the Chat Interface.

Info! "No Chat Available" message will be displayed if none of the customers are available for chat

4. In the left section of this interface, click on the respective chat to respond to the corresponding conversation. Then enter the response in Enter message here in the middle section and click Reply.

5. You can attach the rich media (Documents, Media, Map, URL) and canned messages in your chat flow to encourage and engage your customers.

  • You can preset the group of messages called canned messages to be sent to the customers. This avoids the need to retype the same message again and again. Click to send the Canned Messages.
  • Click to attach the Documents, Media, and Map for transforming the customer conversations into rich and interactive experiences.

You can add these canned messages and artifacts (Documents, Media, Location) in the Departments page.

Refer Manage Departments guide to add the rich media artifacts and canned messages that will be attached and sent to the customers.

5. In the right panel of the interface, enter the tag name or marker for the customer in Tag and type the description in Notes. In the example given above, if the customer John is a potential client, the agent handling the chat can tag this customer as "Prospective Customer" so that the other agents can view the important details of the customer when they chat with them in future. A detailed description of the tag can be provided in Notes.

Info! The Tag name given here can be used to search the customer in Chat History

6. Click option next to Online or Offline status to view additional chat provisions.

  • Select Invite Agent to express the interest to invite a specific agent to join the conversation.
    • Click Invite agent option under and select an agent name from the drop-down list.

    • Click Invite to invite them to join the active chat. In this example, we've invited the agent Alanzo. You will view a message "You have invited (Chat Agent Name)" in the interface as shown below.

  • The Transfer Agent option transfers the conversation to another agent if he doesn't belong to the concerned department or not able to resolve the query asked by that particular customer.
  • Click Close Chat to end the conversation with the customer.

7. Click Update to save the data.

You can also view chat reports, monitor chats, observe chat history, and configure the chat widget respectively from the topics Analytics, Monitor, Chat History, and Chat Config.



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