What do we mean by customer engagement? In most cases, you will be providing a product or a service to a customer. You might have observed that you are not the only business that can solve a customer’s problem. There are many other businesses that can solve the same problem that you are solving, better or as well as you. So why would a customer choose to come to you? This is where customer engagement plays a very important role in your business. Customers will generally go to the business that first comes to their mind to solve a problem. The higher a businesses’ engagement with a customer, the higher the probability that particular customer will come to that particular business when in need. So, it makes sense for you as a business to be very well engaged with your customer so that the customer keeps coming back to you to solve their problem.

Many businesses understand the need to be the first choice to solve a problem. And they do it through advertising. But with many businesses advertising, how do you get the customer to think of your business in the time of need? This is where customer engagement comes into the picture.

So what is customer engagement? Customer engagement is the emotional connection between a customer and a brand. Highly engaged customers buy more, promote more, and demonstrate more loyalty.

How do we at Twixor help with customer engagement? We enable you to design and launch campaigns that reach out to your customer. If your campaign is interesting enough to your customer, he can interact with your brand via a customized interaction that you can build and customize for each of your customers.

What is a campaign? A campaign is marketing that extends beyond acquiring customers and aims to identify and market additional products or services to existing customers, retain them as customers, and develop them into advocates.

From the name Engagement Capsule (EnCaps), it's obvious Twixor EnCaps can be used to engage your customers through multiple personalized campaigns. Twixor EnCaps allows you to easily design and send the campaigns to your customers over their commonly used channels to make them aware of the awesome offers, services, and product discounts provided by you.

Let's see the steps to create, launch and run a successful marketing campaign (EnCaps) in subsequent topics.


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