Exploring Actionable Instant Messaging (AIM)

The conventional methods of messaging through client server forms, web forms, and mobile apps can be now replaced with an interactive messaging utility termed AIM! For the enterprises requiring bi-directional interaction "Application to People (A2P)", the AIM will be transformed as a primary UI framework.

AIM is useful when the customer is looking for -:

  • Crucial Response Times
  • Higher fruit-fullness and reduce burden
  • Reflection of the transfer and event log of all actions
  • Higher security concerns: Not able to use public messaging or collaboration tools due to safety and privacy issues
  • Monetary fund, time, and ownership cost concerns of a customized application

What Twixor Offers?

  • A messaging platform providing higher response times
  • Integration with your existing IT infrastructure
  • Mechanization of back end with imposable buttons, work flows, and BPM
  • Impulsive UI forms