Getting Started

Do you want to reconnect with your customers, and start engaging with them? Are your customers feeling that they don’t know your business and your brand anymore? You have come to the right place. Introducing you to Twixor EnCaps – a simple platform that will help you connect back with you customers and reengage with them over any channel of your choice – be it SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or email.

Twixor EnCaps is a simple, do-it-yourself platform that will enable you to build, design and launch campaigns that will help you connect and engage with your customers. With Simple drag and drop options of design your campaign flow, and with previews for each step of your campaign, Twixor EnCaps provides you with a powerful tool at your disposal to increase your customer reach.

Do you want to use Twixor EnCaps the right way? And do you want to create a campaign easily? We know creating and launching a successful marketing campaign can be an alarming thought when you are not tech-savvy.

So, we've prepared a simple guide to create a campaign using Twixor EnCaps without any technical or coding knowledge.

Are you ready? Let's get started.

Step 1:Setting up a Twixor EnCaps Account:

If you want to join and experience PWA campaigns using Twixor EnCaps, first register with Twixor EnCaps. See our tutorial on how to create an account in Twixor EnCaps.

Once registered you will receive an activation link to your mail id. Click on the link to activate your Twixor EnCaps account.

Step 2: Logging into Twixor EnCaps:

Sign in to Twixor EnCaps using the valid credentials. Log in using the steps explained in the guide on how to log in into Twixor EnCaps.

Step 3: Configuring your Business Details:

After logging into Twixor EnCaps, set your enterprise profile to let your customers know about your business and objectives. To do this, check out this guide on Configure your enterprise details.

Step 4: Creating your Personal Profile:

If more than one person in your business will use Twixor, each user will have to create their own profiles to enable ease administration of the account. You can use this guide Create your Personal Profile to track your personal details.

Step 5: Creating EnCaps:

This step is where the role of customer engagement comes into play. Most of the people think that creating campaigns is a time consuming and tedious process. But you can create interesting and code-free campaigns using Twixor EnCaps. See our guide on how to create EnCaps to achieve your business goals through PWA EnCaps.

Twixor EnCaps uses PWA technology that avoids the high development costs that arrives with native apps.

Once you have logged into to Twixor EnCaps, click on Encaps button on the top right corner. This will open all the EnCaps created by you. To create a new EnCap, click on the “Create EnCap” button. You will get a pop-up asking for the EnCap name. Please enter the name of the EnCap you want to create. Then, pursue the following steps.

Step 5A: Creating Forms for your EnCap:

Your EnCap will have various buttons for the end customers to click and may have forms for them to fill. Once you have created your EnCap, we recommend that you first create forms. We have a step by step tutorial on how to create forms for your EnCaps.

The form controls embedded in Twixor can allow the users to input their data of different types. Once created, it will automatically create a database of the customers’ inputs into these forms that you can download at a later date from the reports section of the EnCap.

Step 5B: Creating Buttons:

Once you have created forms, you will need to create buttons to invoke these forms. This guide will show you how to create buttons for EnCaps .

Loaded Buttons triggers an event related to that button. It is also possible that buttons such as “Yes” or “No” can be created as your customers inputs and can be captured in the above-mentioned database.

Step 5C: Designing your EnCap Work Flow:

Twixor EnCap's work flow automation will guide your customer through the campaign based on their choice of actions. In the guide Designing Work Flow using EnCap Designer, we'll walk you through the ways to design the right type of work flow for your campaigns.

Designing work flow can be advantageous to you in completing tiresome campaigns in a second. While designing you EnCap workflow, we will need the buttons and forms that you created in the previous steps.

Step 6: Creating a Channel to distribute your EnCaps:

After configuring your EnCaps successfully, you have to distribute the EnCap launch through a channel. This guide will take you through configuring your channels for distributing the EnCaps. Please note that at this time, only sending SMS is possible in order to launch your EnCap. We have tied up with Karix, the worlds largest mobile engagement platform to send you SMS.

We will soon introduce the feature for you to launch your EnCap via WhatsApp, Email, Facebook or Twitter. If you want to launch you campaign through any of the upcoming channels, or through a channel not listed here, please reach out to us at, and we will be more happy to help you.

Step 6A: Creating your Karix Account:

To distribute the EnCap launch through a SMS channel, you first need to register with the SMS channel provider "Karix". For more details on Karix registration, refer Create Karix Account guide.

Step 6B:Linking your Karix Account:

After creating the Karix account, sign in with the valid Karix credentials. In case if you want further instructions to link your Karix account for configuring your channel, go to the page Link Karix Account.

Step 7: Launching your Campaign:

After creating your Karix launch channel for your EnCap, it is time to launch your campaign. This has two steps:

Step 7A: Configuring your Launch:

To launch your campaign, you need to configure your campaign launch process through the steps described in the guide Launch Configuration.

Step 7B: Activating your Campaign:

Launches that are started must be activated in order to successfully broadcast them to your customers. This process will take less than 1 minute and here is a section Activating Launch in the guide Launch Configuration to assist you in activating campaigns.

Step 8: Reporting your EnCap Performance:

Reports and insights of earlier EnCaps can be useful to realize the connection between the EnCap analysis data and the EnCaps performance and to then achieve your business goals. If you have embedded a form in your campaign, this will also help you get the data your customer has filled in these forms.

To know more about the reporting feature of Twixor EnCaps, refer Post-Encaps Analysis Report.

Step 9: Dashboard View

To allow the user to see all the EnCaps status in a single place, they can view the dashboard. For more details on dashboard, see our guide Dashboard.

The marketing dashboard is automatically updated in real time. So, you can view the EnCap performance at any time.

Step 10: Stopping your EnCaps

Errors occur, and the fault may be in an EnCap we just dispatched. With Twixor EnCap, you can use our Stop feature to cancel an EnCaps after you launched and before all your recipients have received it. To stop the EnCaps, follow the steps in Stopping the Launch section of Launch Configuration guide.