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WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular messaging apps globally with over 1.5 billion users. Its journey to quick global adoption is due to its non-intrusive, non-ad, and entirely personal nature. With the addition of end-to-end encryption, business messaging is as secure as it gets with WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp Business API empowers businesses to communicate with their customers through automated and personalized transactional messages once users have "opted in" to receive messages. Similarly, customers can also initiate conversations with their preferred businesses using WhatsApp, for support related queries.

The real impact of WhatsApp Business API is on how fast, simple, reliable it can be when it comes to business to customer messaging. Businesses can now reach their customers on a channel that they know for sure is always being checked. This means businesses can now send high-value messages like flight tickets, boarding passes, order confirmations, price drop, and stock alerts directly to a user’s WhatsApp chat.

The primary benefit of using WhatsApp business is enhanced customer service through world's most preferred messaging app.

Use cases

So how can WhatsApp Business API help your brand? A number of companies have already implemented WhatsApp Business to reach out to their customers successfully.

WhatsApp Business offers you a versatile channel for sending any type of business messages. Due to its features, it can be apt for any business that craves to offer a higher-speed channel and share the valuable information frequently to their customers.

Let us suggest some ideas that make sense to incorporate WhatsApp as a channel in your mixture of marketing channels.

And the WhatsApp integration cannot be limited to these sectors alone. You can employ WhatsApp in any business provided that you have the requirement to send the creative and productive content to your customers.

1. Finance - Banks can use WhatsApp to send basic transaction alerts like POS transaction, ATM Cash withdrawals, etc. In addition to this, they can also avail services like Bank account opening, mini statement, checking account balance, and updating the Aadhar details through WhatsApp.

2. Tourism - User can be informed about special holiday packages and travel campaigns through WhatsApp. They can also be given crisis communication suggestions, travel advice, and an invitation to attend the events.

3. Healthcare - WhatsApp implementation in healthcare can be useful in aiding clinical communication, enhancing patient care, and improving learning while preserving the patient's privacy.

4. Real-Estate - The real-estate brokers can do a live chat with the buyers and send reminders for asset related queries.

5. Media - Generally, in media sector be it a radio station or TV broadcaster, there is always new content that needs to be delivered to the individuals without any delay.

6. E-Commerce - Product marketing campaigns, Current offers, and Product discounts can be directly sent to the customers smartphone via WhatsApp.

7. Sports and Events - Services like live tickets, match information, and results can be offered to the sports fans.

You can offer the above-mentioned services across different sectors by creating a WhatsApp Journey in Twixor EnCaps.



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